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Reviews Want Your Product

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Two companies have signed me up to be a blogger who reviews products and is on various media lists.

In both cases my job is not to sing praises about the product soulcybin review, but rather give honest feedback. Although I have received many samples for review from companies, there are still times that I approached them for a review sample, because I thought the product was of interest to readers – “our” targeted audience. This is not necessarily wrong.

I can also use the products myself. The items don’t need to be given away as part of a competition or drawing – although sometimes I will do it anyway – or returned to the company using a prepaid envelope. It’s important to note that certain publications, such as New York Times have strict policies regarding the return of all products used in review. Others allow reviewers a limited number of small items to keep, while demanding large products to be returned.

Professional reviewers won’t “give”, or give good reviews, in exchange for free products. They give honest feedback–constructive criticism that the public reads, not just your staff. Some reviewers balance the negative and positive aspects. The other reviewers will focus only on the good things. That doesn’t always mean they are going to give a favorable review. First, taking the time to review products I may enjoy is more pleasant than spending time on a product which I doubt I would like. When you’re writing a review about a product that you really like, enjoy and find useful, the words will flow more freely than when you’re reviewing something you didn’t care for, were concerned about or found difficult. Thirdly, writing negative reviews is more difficult for me. Will I be taken out context or can I justify it so that the review doesn’t come from an emotional decision?

Simple as that. If an item does not meet my expectations, I will not review the product. But I also refuse to give the product owner any details about why I’m not reviewing it. It does not matter what background information I have received. The background information will not change my opinion if the item does not meet my expectations or is not as advertised. When there is only a minor thing that I don’t care for about a particular product, it will be mentioned along with its positives.